The Walking Dead Game Jam – We are in!

Well, well, well. We have some news! Our work schedule has suddenly changed. Last Thursday we read about the Walking Dead Game Jam and we were thrilled. So we stopped what we were doing… and for the next two weeks we will be making a game for this competition!

The Walking Dead Game Jam

Rules are simple. We have to make a game with Unity (yes, it’s a Unity-only jam) based around certain theme (“All Out War”). “All Out War” is the upcoming arc in the Walking Dead comic series.

Note: The Walking Dead IP cannot be used, so we will come up with an original story about… sorry, we cannot talk about it yet!

And what about the prizes? Prizes include full Unity Pro licences for each of the 10 winners, signed special books, merchandise, t-shirts and our favourite “the endorsement of Mr. Robert Kirkman to one of the finalists”.

So yeah, we are in! Yesterday we started pitching some ideas. Some interesting things come up and these are references we made when shaping the core mechanics of our game.


Please, be sure to check our blog in the following days if you are interested in what we come up to. And thanks for supporting us! You are amazing!

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