Press roundup and a new gif!

This week has been amazing. While working on UPDATE #2 (playable next week), we found out that some awesome websites started writing about The Narrow Path. We made a small selection of those quotes we liked the most!

The Narrow Path (…) takes an approach that immediately grabs my attention. Yes, you’re killing zombies. But you’re also killing the humans too. And you’re in a minivan. (John Walker, Editor and Co-Director, Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

The morally ambiguous narrative is reflected in the game’s lovely black, white and gray graphics. You play the part of a psychotic backwoods genius who has seized upon the zombie apocalypse as his chance to remake the world according to his own twisted mix of biblical prophecy and selfish desire. (Paul Hack, Indie Statik)

It’s a terrific browser diversion, and its rendered in a black and white pixel art style that really evokes the feeling of the comic books. Even better: the creators are looking to expand the experience with new zombies, bad guys, maps, and more. (Andrew Webster, The Verge)

If you want to read the full articles, you can check on these links:

But that’s not it. Our postmortem was also featured on Gamasutra! So yeah, we are thrilled and want to go out and celebrate. But we cannot! Why? Because it’s pouring out there, look!

it's pouring out there!

Anyway, we raise a virtual glass and have a toast with all of you!


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