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Poker Chess Solitaire!

There are genre mashups, and then there are genre mashups. (Toucharcade)

We’re officially announcing our new game!

Poker Chess Solitaire (Presskit) is the ultimate board/card game mashup! Try to achieve objectives and clear boards/levels (hence the “solitaire” bit) by making poker hands according to a special set of rules (including chess piece movements, taking cards from the opposite color, checks and so on). Sounds complex? Believe us, It’s lots and lots of fun.

In Poker Chess Solitaire player can only move J’s, Q’s and K’s. J’s move like Knights from chess (L-shaped movement), Q like Queens and K like Kings. Also, J’s, Q’s and K’s can take cards from the opposite color (red suits vs black suits). Players can use this set of rules to rearrange cards in the board so as to make poker hands (every one of the four rows is a 5-card hand) and reach certain objectives. And there’s more to it! But don’t worry. We will teach you every rule while being really, really fun.

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Monster Streaking!

While we continue working on our upcoming game called #3Mermen, we have yet another gif announcement to make!

(Insert suspenseful music here)

We are wrapping up another game! WHAT?!

Monster Streaking!

Monster Streaking!

 Monster Streaking?

We’ve made Monster Streaking (a game about monsters running naked through a small American town) for Ludum Dare 33 (you know, the “make a game on a weekend” competition). Results were great and we’ve decided to work on it a little more and release it on Android and iOS. So expect some more info really soon!


Monster Streaking WIP!

Monster Streaking WIP!



It has been almost a year since we’ve released Kapsula. The premium model we originally chose to sell it (1.99 upfront cost) doesn’t seem to fit well with our app. So comrades…

Following the example of the amazing Radical by Beavertap games, we’ve decided to make Kapsula FREE for everyone! The game now features some video ads you can watch to get a free continue. BUT… you can skip them so they are not invasive at all!

We really hope that this model suits Kapsula better. We really like the game, so the more people playing it, the happier we get.


Cheers everyone!

You can get Kapsula here:

Kapsula for iOS is out! – Press roundup


So Kapsula for iOS is out… GO GRAB IT, COMRADE!

And what about the game in the press, uh?

Twitchy Tetris on a race track. ~ Chris Priestman (pocketgamer.co.uk)

With a quirky but unique style, Kapsula is an enjoyable mix of racing and match-3. Yes, really. ~ Jennifer Allen (148apps.com)

if you’re looking for something truly unique and don’t mind taxing your brain and reflexes in a slightly different way than you might be used to, Kapsula is a very solid and worthy pick-up. ~ Shaun Musgrave (toucharcade.com)

It’s a delight to look at and listen to. ~ Owen Faraday (pockettactics.com)

After a dozen plays, and many more no doubt on the way, I think I’ve caught the bug. ~ Mike Rose (indiegames.com)

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Note: Remember that you can play the game in your browser HERE!

Kapsula pre-release is here!


You can play the web version (FREE) or download Kapsula at Google Play (50% OFF final price).

(NOTE: iOS version will be ready in a couple of weeks.)


This is the same model we’ve used when working on Faif. We will deliver periodic updates with things we come up with and we will be working on players’ ideas and suggestions sent through the app, www.playkapsula.com, and comments at this post, of course.

We are also sharing some press coverage in a following post, so be sure to check it out!

Drive safe, comrades!