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Galaxel – a game we made for #7dfps game jam

Wow. These last days were crazy.  We decided to take part into the awesome #7DFPS jam and came with an idea for a first person matching shooter we called Galaxel.


Galaxel (Win/Mac/Browser) is a game where you have to kill enemies by shooting cubes from beneath your feet. Both cubes and enemies have different colors, and you have to match them in order to kill bad guys.

We also had a killer concept art thanks to our friend Fernando Martínez Ruppel. Here you can check some of the early sketches he did:


And here the final piece in all its glory!

Galaxel - Shooting Cubes at the End of the Universe.

We also added a leaderboard to the game (thanks Dreamlo!). One kill scores one point. As simple as that. And speaking about highscores… here we have two videos from our top players! (iDubbbz and RancidShamble). You are awesome!

  • So, if you want to play Galaxel, you can do it right here. And you can also check the game at #7dfps here.

Note: Appadvice chose the game of the week and Junction Action Arcade received an honorable mention! (They made a nice video review you can check here). Cheers, everyone!