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It has been almost a year since we’ve released Kapsula. The premium model we originally chose to sell it (1.99 upfront cost) doesn’t seem to fit well with our app. So comrades…

Following the example of the amazing Radical by Beavertap games, we’ve decided to make Kapsula FREE for everyone! The game now features some video ads you can watch to get a free continue. BUT… you can skip them so they are not invasive at all!

We really hope that this model suits Kapsula better. We really like the game, so the more people playing it, the happier we get.


Cheers everyone!

You can get Kapsula here:

A new game prototype

We have been working on a new game prototype for some weeks now. We cannot reveal its name yet, but we think It’s time to write about it and show you some things!


Designing on paper
This new prototype has a strong core mechanics born after some mashup experiment we made on paper. We strongly believe that working on paper is important!

Mashups are a great way to work on game mechanics. You have two things that are well-known, you mash’em together and voilà! Luckily you have something entirely new.

When you have this mashup game mechanics, you have to balance it in order to make your idea playable, something that resembles a well-formed game with a clear set of rules. We have been working on this a lot, and we think our effort has paid off!

Grow a game
Now we are working on the prototype, tweaking every aspect of it and making our game grow around its core mechanics. A background story is emerging too!

As soon as we have some things sorted out, we’ll show you more about our new project and talk about platforms and stuff! Stay tuned!