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Kapsula for iOS is out! – Press roundup


So Kapsula for iOS is out… GO GRAB IT, COMRADE!

And what about the game in the press, uh?

Twitchy Tetris on a race track. ~ Chris Priestman (pocketgamer.co.uk)

With a quirky but unique style, Kapsula is an enjoyable mix of racing and match-3. Yes, really. ~ Jennifer Allen (148apps.com)

if you’re looking for something truly unique and don’t mind taxing your brain and reflexes in a slightly different way than you might be used to, Kapsula is a very solid and worthy pick-up. ~ Shaun Musgrave (toucharcade.com)

It’s a delight to look at and listen to. ~ Owen Faraday (pockettactics.com)

After a dozen plays, and many more no doubt on the way, I think I’ve caught the bug. ~ Mike Rose (indiegames.com)

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Note: Remember that you can play the game in your browser HERE!

Kapsula – Press roundup


Some press love highlights, comrades!

All you need to know about this game can be summed up with “retro-futuristic Soviet space colonies.” Sound crazy? It is. Crazy fun. (Phandroid)

Kapsula has a very cool retro-futuristic vibe based on Soviet space imagery. It’s like a more colorful version of an old pulp space adventure comic. (PC MAG)

As the road twists and curves, your head almost feels forced to move along with it, dodging traffic and taking in the darkened cityscape. It’s a very enjoyable racing experience. (Droid Life)

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Stay tuned for new features and stuff!

Note: Remember that you can play the game in your browser HERE!

Faif – Official trailer and press roundup II

So, Faif has been out for some days (official release – March 6th) and people from the press have said some really nice things about it. Here you can read some of them!

It’s an interesting combination of a lot of different game types. (Cult of Mac)

Faif is definitely one of the more unique puzzle RPG games I’ve experienced so far. (AppAdvice)

Faif carries an undeniable “one more time” quality that drives players to beat their winning streaks. (148apps.com)

The game looks utterly gorgeous, with a papery feel to proceedings that sort of makes it feel like you’re shuffling little bits of hand-crafted art around. (PocketGamer.co.uk)

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We are currently working in a new update… expect some surprises!

Faif – Press roundup

Hi there! It’s been a while since our last post. Truth is… we are working a lot. As simple as that. Faif is shaping up really really well. We don’t have a final release date yet, but believe me: the end is near!


These past weeks we’ve spoken about our “puzzle/RPG based on gambling” game here and there. And we’ve said some really clever things… no, not really.

The core idea of the game is making a selection of five adjacent tiles in a grid and after doing it so, the game would randomly choose one. If it weren’t for the [Ludum Dare 28] theme, we would never come up with an idea like this. Ever. We love game jams! (“Time to jam: Beavl, the Argentine makers of uniquely beautiful games, tell us about Faif”, Pocket Tactics)

About the name, you know. We are an independent two man studio from Argentina, so English is not our mother language — hence the grammar awkwardness or the funny sentences! Faif is how we depict in our heads the pronunciation of “five.” We know that the correct form is /faɪv/ but hey, faif works for us. (“Have a little Faif: an interview with Beavl”, Hardcore Gamer)

And that’s not it! Faif was featured at Indiegames.com, Joystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun!

But wait. There is also this amazing video review made by the people from TechManiak.pl!

Back to development. So yes. The end is near. The final version of Faif is going to be available for Android/iOS soon. Not next week soon. But soon. Cheers!

Note: Remember that you can still grab the Early Release 50% OFF sale on Google Play or play it here (browser version)!


Press roundup and a new gif!

This week has been amazing. While working on UPDATE #2 (playable next week), we found out that some awesome websites started writing about The Narrow Path. We made a small selection of those quotes we liked the most!

The Narrow Path (…) takes an approach that immediately grabs my attention. Yes, you’re killing zombies. But you’re also killing the humans too. And you’re in a minivan. (John Walker, Editor and Co-Director, Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

The morally ambiguous narrative is reflected in the game’s lovely black, white and gray graphics. You play the part of a psychotic backwoods genius who has seized upon the zombie apocalypse as his chance to remake the world according to his own twisted mix of biblical prophecy and selfish desire. (Paul Hack, Indie Statik)

It’s a terrific browser diversion, and its rendered in a black and white pixel art style that really evokes the feeling of the comic books. Even better: the creators are looking to expand the experience with new zombies, bad guys, maps, and more. (Andrew Webster, The Verge)

If you want to read the full articles, you can check on these links:

But that’s not it. Our postmortem was also featured on Gamasutra! So yeah, we are thrilled and want to go out and celebrate. But we cannot! Why? Because it’s pouring out there, look!

it's pouring out there!

Anyway, we raise a virtual glass and have a toast with all of you!


Galaxel – a game we made for #7dfps game jam

Wow. These last days were crazy.  We decided to take part into the awesome #7DFPS jam and came with an idea for a first person matching shooter we called Galaxel.


Galaxel (Win/Mac/Browser) is a game where you have to kill enemies by shooting cubes from beneath your feet. Both cubes and enemies have different colors, and you have to match them in order to kill bad guys.

We also had a killer concept art thanks to our friend Fernando Martínez Ruppel. Here you can check some of the early sketches he did:


And here the final piece in all its glory!

Galaxel - Shooting Cubes at the End of the Universe.

We also added a leaderboard to the game (thanks Dreamlo!). One kill scores one point. As simple as that. And speaking about highscores… here we have two videos from our top players! (iDubbbz and RancidShamble). You are awesome!

  • So, if you want to play Galaxel, you can do it right here. And you can also check the game at #7dfps here.

Note: Appadvice chose the game of the week and Junction Action Arcade received an honorable mention! (They made a nice video review you can check here). Cheers, everyone!