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The Narrow Path – Postmortem

Game Logo

The Narrow Path is an RTS/Roguelike with a motorhome, a mutant dog and an army of reanimated monsters built in two weeks for “The Walking Dead : All Out War Game Jam”.

The jam

When we heard about “The Walking Dead : All Out War Game Jam” we were thrilled. We love TWD comics and we love Unity. The two-weeks timeframe to work in a jam project was also nice, so it really was a no-brainer for us.

The Team (Beavl + Ruppel)

Beavl is a two man studio based in Argentina: Dami (Game Design and Development) and Nico (Game Design and Business). For this competition, we decided to team up with our friend and amazing artist Fernando Martínez Ruppel (this was the second time we worked together in a game jam. You can play our previous collaboration here). There was a plus too:  Nico (short stories and scripts) and Fernando (art) work usually together to create fast-paced narrative series such as Butcher from the Atlantis (among many others), so this was a great opportunity to come up with a brand new fictional universe.


Note: One of the jam rules stated that The Walking Dead IP cannot be used, so we decided to create something from scratch. Including zombies was not mandatory, but hey… we love zombies!

First Brainstorming

Theme was All Out War. We started to think about it and we were dropping some references when something came up: in an All Out War everything is part of the belligerent effort. So thinking about zombies, humans, battles and dismemberment (!), we asked ourselves: why don’t we make an RTS where resources to build new units are found as a result of killing your enemies?

Further work on the idea

You kill an enemy and you get some meat. With meat you could make new units. We call this process “cooking”. Cooking would include an RV (after Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, RVs are never gonna be the same!). As we didn’t want the character to go out from the RV, we thought that a mutant dog would come in handy! (Anyone knows something about a Russian’s Two-Headed Dog?). We also read some crazy stuff about controlling the mind with radio frequencies (there are incredible things in science history. If you are interested, you should read about Jose Delgado’s work).

So there it was. That was the start of something we believed to be interesting to develop. At this point, we needed some lead character who could pull all these weird things off! But we didn’t want to take the human vs. zombies approach, so we were thinking about a third party…

Story development

We had all this “get meat, assemble, reanimate and remote control your army” going on, so we started to write about our main character and some tie-in scripts in order to make the whole universe interesting. After some passionated talks, The Narrow Path was born. As we are planning to make short comics and stuff, we are not going to spoil anything here but the intro! If you like what we created, you should play the game and read the comics when we release them! (yeah, they’re going to be FREE!).



Fernando told us he wanted to make something b/w for the game (you know, being fans of TWD comics, it made perfect sense!) and he also wanted to try working on pixel art. Thing is… this was his first experience making pixel art! But you know, talent is really an awesome thing, so he started seaching for resources, found Graphics Gale, read some tutorials and started working on all the ingame assets right away. The results were incredible. Here you can check early sketches, a screenshot and some animation gifs!







We wanted to make an RTS. Due to time constraints, we decided to make a really simple one but adding some roguelike elements (permadeath, leveling, item drops and exploration). Unfortunately, we couldn’t add procedurally generated maps (we will come back to this later).

Control scheme

So you cannot leave your RV and you remote control an army of reanimated monsters. Also, you would be able to gather some resources with the aid of a mutant dog. In order to make this work, we designed an indirect control scheme taking advantage of light/dark areas and cursor changes. When hovering on resources, cursor would change and by clicking on them the dog would go and fetch’em. When hovering on enemies, your remote controlled monsters would attack. If you click on an empty surface, all your monsters would move there. When they get out of the light areas, your RV would follow them (if you don’t have any monsters left, your van would move when clicking on an empty space).




Your objective is to kill everyone out there. As you know from the intro scenes, you have kidnapped the Swanson Sisters and you plan to repopulate Earth when all humans and zombies disappear. But wait… Zombies would attack your RV!


If it hadn’t been a Unity-only jam, we would’ve worked with this framework nonetheless. Working with Unity is usually a great experience (and hey, this was no exception). Having worked with platforms such as plain OpenGL & C++ or Cocos2d, this engine is absolutely fantastic. All went really smooth, but maybe a minor setback we had could be worth mentioning. For our game, we decided to use the pathfinding system included in Unity PRO. We had used it before in Galaxel (a game we made for the past #7DFPS), it was easy to set up and the results were really good. But in this case, we didn’t think of something (and we stumbled upon it in the middle of the development!): in Galaxel we had a fixed map, but for The Narrow Path we wanted one procedurally generated so as to have the kind of RTS/Roguelike mashup we were aiming to. Well, this pathfinding system didn’t work well with this approach, and that’s because the NavMesh cannot be created nor modified at runtime. This would have forced us to put the obstacles always in the same spot! So, as an emergency measure, we decided to leave a fixed map in the compo version, but we will address this issue in a future full featured version of the game by dropping Unity’s pathfinding system.



Cooking model

In order to create units (remote controlled monsters), you’ll have to get some resources. As we stated before, you’ll get some by killing enemies (if you kill a zombie you get meat. If you kill a human… you get cell phones!). There are three types of units you can create. Each of them has a special recipe!




In order to level your character, you need to kill a certain amount of enemies. When you level up, you’ll earn one star you could assign to any of the abilities listed in the leveling screen.




Music theme was composed by Fernando. It has some crazy things going on (including a creepy music box and some passionate reverend speech!).



After two weeks of hard work, The Narrow Path was finished (at least the jam version). There are lots of things we would like to add to the game and we are already working on it, so expect some surprises! We would also love to hear what you all think of the game! So feel free to comment on this post!

The Walking Dead Game Jam – Quotes and Early Screenshot

Ok, so this week we have been working on our The Walking Dead Game Jam entry… a lot. As one of the jam rules is not using The Walking Dead IP stuff, we decided to create an original story around this “All Out War” theme.

What do we have so far?

Basically, the narrative and game core mechanics. We do not want to spoil anything, but we can share with you some really good quotes of stuff we read while writing and designing our game!

Fears have been expressed that this new technologies with it the threat of possible unwanted and unethical remote control of the cerebral activities of man by other men, but as will be discussed later, this danger is quite improbable and is outweighed by the expected clinical and scientific benefits. (Jose Delgado, “Physical Control of the Mind”).

(…) Carl August Weinhold, a German scientist who claimed to have brought animals back from the dead. In a series of experiments, Weinhold extracted the spinal cords of decapitated kittens, replacing them with zinc and sliver pile batteries, which generated an electrical charge. Not only did their hearts start beating but, according to Weinhold, the kittens bounded around for several minutes (Mark Pilkington, “Sparks of life”, TheGuardian.com)

Dr. Cornish attracted national attention in the middle 1930s when he restored dead dogs to life in his University of California laboratory. His work made him the target of an antivivisectionist protest that caused his removal from the university where he had set an array of records. Graduated at 18, he was at 22 the youngest person to receive a doctorate from the university. (United Press International, March 7, 1963)

Oh, experiments! Reanimation is really an interesting topic…

Note: Since today is saturday, we cannot help but sharing some early screenshot of the game.

Early Screenshot!

The Walking Dead Game Jam – We are in!

Well, well, well. We have some news! Our work schedule has suddenly changed. Last Thursday we read about the Walking Dead Game Jam and we were thrilled. So we stopped what we were doing… and for the next two weeks we will be making a game for this competition!

The Walking Dead Game Jam

Rules are simple. We have to make a game with Unity (yes, it’s a Unity-only jam) based around certain theme (“All Out War”). “All Out War” is the upcoming arc in the Walking Dead comic series.

Note: The Walking Dead IP cannot be used, so we will come up with an original story about… sorry, we cannot talk about it yet!

And what about the prizes? Prizes include full Unity Pro licences for each of the 10 winners, signed special books, merchandise, t-shirts and our favourite “the endorsement of Mr. Robert Kirkman to one of the finalists”.

So yeah, we are in! Yesterday we started pitching some ideas. Some interesting things come up and these are references we made when shaping the core mechanics of our game.


Please, be sure to check our blog in the following days if you are interested in what we come up to. And thanks for supporting us! You are amazing!