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Trash Diamonds wins a grant by Thekla, Inc.

People from Thekla, Inc. (Anyone played The Witness?) had an amazing idea: offering grants for underrepresented puzzle game creators. And guess what? We’re one of the winners!

The idea was to submit “puzzle games that take place on a discrete grid where the interesting gameplay comes from unique rules governing the behavior of the objects.” As soon as we heard about this, we started thinking. I’ve personally made lots of #puzzlescript games and one could say I know my grids. I thought about 4x movement in a square grid (up, down, left, right) and came up with a game idea about balance. That’s when Trash Diamonds was born.

Then I wrote some backstory about inter-realities, different instances of Elon Musk and a pun-loving coffee machine. I talked to Ruppel to see if he was ok with all of these. He was indeed.

Trash Diamonds

Thing was we had little time, so we’ve chatted about Cactus games, his art and weirdness and about something that had just come out: Doodle Studio 95! by Fernando Ramallo (It’s like having Paint inside of the Unity editor!). Ruppel also wanted to make something “vaporwavy” (now he’s iterating on this “vaporwave” thing, making something truly amazing, but this is something for a longer post).

Long story short, we’ve made a prototype with 17 levels (with 3 or 4 good levels) and no tutorial (I think this was the first time we pulled it off so we are really happy with this decision). And now?

Now we have this grant for making our first pc puzzle game! Diamond Trash is going to be “A narrative-driven puzzle game about inter-reality, solitude and a pun-loving coffee machine.”

Just look at our first promotional poster!


* Note: Poker Chess Solitaire development is ON HOLD. We’ll resume it sometime in the near future.

Poker Chess Solitaire!

There are genre mashups, and then there are genre mashups. (Toucharcade)

We’re officially announcing our new game!

Poker Chess Solitaire (Presskit) is the ultimate board/card game mashup! Try to achieve objectives and clear boards/levels (hence the “solitaire” bit) by making poker hands according to a special set of rules (including chess piece movements, taking cards from the opposite color, checks and so on). Sounds complex? Believe us, It’s lots and lots of fun.

In Poker Chess Solitaire player can only move J’s, Q’s and K’s. J’s move like Knights from chess (L-shaped movement), Q like Queens and K like Kings. Also, J’s, Q’s and K’s can take cards from the opposite color (red suits vs black suits). Players can use this set of rules to rearrange cards in the board so as to make poker hands (every one of the four rows is a 5-card hand) and reach certain objectives. And there’s more to it! But don’t worry. We will teach you every rule while being really, really fun.

Read full reviews/previews/articles here!

Upcoming game revealed!


We don’t know why —but we are all gonna die in the kapsula.

Kapsula is a game we have been working on for some time now. We cannot reveal much of it yet (story, game mechanics or target platforms) but wait! We have some exclusive footage for you!

This weekend we are going to show an early version of Kapsula in the Indie Space at EVA (Video Games Expo in Argentina). We are really eager to hear what players think about it!

Cheers everyone!