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The Walking Dead Game Jam – Quotes and Early Screenshot

Ok, so this week we have been working on our The Walking Dead Game Jam entry… a lot. As one of the jam rules is not using The Walking Dead IP stuff, we decided to create an original story around this “All Out War” theme.

What do we have so far?

Basically, the narrative and game core mechanics. We do not want to spoil anything, but we can share with you some really good quotes of stuff we read while writing and designing our game!

Fears have been expressed that this new technologies with it the threat of possible unwanted and unethical remote control of the cerebral activities of man by other men, but as will be discussed later, this danger is quite improbable and is outweighed by the expected clinical and scientific benefits. (Jose Delgado, “Physical Control of the Mind”).

(…) Carl August Weinhold, a German scientist who claimed to have brought animals back from the dead. In a series of experiments, Weinhold extracted the spinal cords of decapitated kittens, replacing them with zinc and sliver pile batteries, which generated an electrical charge. Not only did their hearts start beating but, according to Weinhold, the kittens bounded around for several minutes (Mark Pilkington, “Sparks of life”, TheGuardian.com)

Dr. Cornish attracted national attention in the middle 1930s when he restored dead dogs to life in his University of California laboratory. His work made him the target of an antivivisectionist protest that caused his removal from the university where he had set an array of records. Graduated at 18, he was at 22 the youngest person to receive a doctorate from the university. (United Press International, March 7, 1963)

Oh, experiments! Reanimation is really an interesting topic…

Note: Since today is saturday, we cannot help but sharing some early screenshot of the game.

Early Screenshot!